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Sustainability is not a choice, but a necessity
Feb 12, 2014 South Asian region is most vulnerable to climate change impact, warns Thet Thet Zin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Myanmar.
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India has a great potential for setting up next-gen cities
Feb 12, 2014 “We need to think on the possibilities of creating smart sustainable cities,’’said Amitabh Kant, MD, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC).
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Pakistan kicks off strategy for sustainable development
Aug 05, 2013 The ambitious tech-driven agenda may help the country ward off natural disasters and move to a path of sustainable growth.
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Indian government launches MP model village scheme
Oct 13, 2014 The Indian Prime Minister said that people’s participation in development was essential in building model villages.
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Gujarat model did not benefit the poor: Jayati Ghosh
Sep 11, 2014 Despite a high growth rate, wages in Gujarat are the second lowest in India, says renowned Indian economist, Jayati Ghosh.
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Chronic diseases account for 60% of deaths in India: study
Apr 08, 2015 The cost of these diseases which occur in the form of various ailments like diabetes, strokes and hypertension is between 4% and 10% of the country’s GDP.
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Smiling women make a beautiful society, says ace photographer
Mar 09, 2014 Ace photographer Ashok Kochhar featured a mammoth collection of one thousand smiling female faces from all walks of life on the International Women’s Day in New Delhi. He believes that every woman has ample reason to smile everyday and not just on the Women’s Day. He tells us more about his exhibition, titled ‘A Million Smiles’.
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Urbanisation threatens sustainable development : UN study
Jul 03, 2013 Innovative strategies and investments are needed to promote sustainable development, including in the world's cities, said Wu Hongbo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.
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There is a need for stricter fuel emission norms: Shri Prakash
Jan 31, 2014 Increasing air pollution has become a great health hazard and is responsible for increase in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, writes Shri Prakash, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.
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Nagaland hosts summit on mountain development
Sep 26, 2013 The Sustainable Mountain Development Summit is an effort by the Himalayan states of the country to chalk out a roadmap for sustainable development.
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Roundtable to discuss financing for sustainable farming
Jan 07, 2014 OneWorld along with SJS is organising a roundtable conference in New Delhi to discuss ways of financing sustainable agriculture in Uttarakhand.
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Conference to bring NGOs, corporates together
Feb 27, 2012 A three-day exhibition and conference that aims at fostering alliances and networks between Indian corporates and NGOs will have 150 NGOs and foundations to showcase their work. The event, from March 16-18, 2012, is being supported by Guidestar India, Oxfam, The National Trust and FICCI.
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Golden Peacock Awards 2012
Aug 01, 2012 This year’s Golden Peacock Awards (under various sectors and categories to create intra-sector competitiveness) will be presented at Lords, during the London Global Convention, being held on 10-12 October 2012 in London.
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CSR is a part of our guiding principles: Murugappa Group
Feb 21, 2013 A USD 4.4 billion conglomerate, Murugappa Group, strongly believes that social responsibility is not just a ritual, and they believe it has been part of the company’s guiding principles since its inception in 1900. The Group reflects upon its spiritual conscience which it has incorporated into its business activities.The Executive Chairman of the Chennai-based company, A.Vellayan, talks to Rakesh Sood of OneWorld South Asia about this and more.
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“What we need is the reinvention of capitalism itself,” says Niall Dunne of BT
Jan 22, 2013 As Chief Sustainability Officer at British Telecom, Niall Dunne heads the company’s climate change and sustainable development strategy. He not only coordinates all sustainability initiatives across BT, but also seeks to integrate sustainability practices into the groups’ strategy, products and services. Excerpts from an interview with Bushra Ahmed and Rajiv Tikoo of OneWorld South Asia.
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Top corporate honchos to be in action at WCSS
Dec 14, 2012 TERI’s World CEO Sustainability Summit slated for January 30 has at attracted confirmations from some of the top corporate chiefs.
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Nonprofits, corporates urged to show mutual respect
Dec 03, 2013 Experts from the corporate world and civil society have urged both the stakeholders to explore CSR partnerships with mutual trust.
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MDGs: So close, yet so far
Jul 07, 2013 With barely 900 days to go for the end of the MDG road, the 2013 score card presents good as well as disappointing news. Just six of the 21 targets have been met or are close to being met even as aid funds continue to decline putting the other targets in peril.
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Using arts to help rural India speak out
Jun 23, 2014 “We feel convinced that this is the way to reach that last person of our community," says Shubhranshu Choudhary, winner of the Index Digital Activism Award.
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Valeo Innovation Challenge invites ideas: €100,000 to win
Oct 03, 2013 For the initial selection rounds, engineering students are to develop bold, revolutionary solutions for the society of tomorrow.
Urgent call to halt steel project in India’s Odisha
Oct 03, 2013 “Forced evictions constitute gross violations of human rights,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing.
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Call for a land-degradation neutral world at COP11
Oct 04, 2013 In Windhoek, world builds synergies for sustainable land management, biodiversity protection and climate change.
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Need to look at biodiversity to fight poverty: Gunter Pauli
May 15, 2015 There is a need for celebrating biodiversity as an important component for eradicating poverty, said Gunter Pauli, author of the book, The Blue Economy, version 2.0.
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South Sudan’s NGO Bill is ‘needlessly repressive’: CIVICUS
Nov 29, 2013 The Bill is currently in Parliament, awaiting a third reading likely before the end of November.
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Time to mine for new opportunities
Jun 07, 2012 A 10-year review report by the International Institute for Environment about the mining industry says that governments must work with companies to get the most out of their natural resources.
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Bihar village gears up to own water treatment plant
Aug 13, 2015 In its bid to fight water contamination at the local level, Khaira village in Bihar is set to launch a community owned water treatment plant.
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Inclusivity will be the core element of SDGs: expert
Feb 06, 2015 Professor Hironori Hamanaka, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), said that governance of MDGs is likely to differ from SDGs.
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Bangladesh can produce huge 'coal' from garbage: expert
Aug 22, 2014 Refused Derived Fuel (RDF), an alternative to coal obtained from soiled plastics is currently disposed off as municipal garbage.
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India must emulate China in quality of life: Amartya Sen
Jan 08, 2013 Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said that both China and Bangladesh are doing better in all aspects of human development than India and the nation cannot justify its growth rate with poor focus on education, health and productivity of human beings.
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Development bank chiefs to visit India
Nov 08, 2012 In a coup of sorts, the chiefs of the world’s top three development banks will speak at TERI’s Delhi Sustainable Development Summit on how infrastructure funding has brought a positive change in the lives of millions of people.
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