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Indian sex workers: Looking beyond rehabilitation
Sep 12, 2011 Indian Supreme Court directives to rehabilitate sex workers might aim at an easy amalgamation within society. Although many sex workers seem gung ho about the ongoing deliberations, their reasons for quitting sex work reveal some complex and mostly overlooked undercurrents, writes Amrita Nandy.
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India's apex court modifies order on rehabilitation of sex workers
Jul 27, 2012 The Supreme Court of India has modified one of its order on welfare and rehabilitation of sex workers on the Centre's submissions .
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Nepal: ‘Massage parlours luring girls from poor families’
Jul 09, 2012 Nepal’s adult entertainment industry has been drawing young girls away from being trafficked across the border to the fleshpots of India’s big cities, but only to force these hapless girls to serve in cabin restaurants, massage parlours and dance bars. Inter Press Service, quoting education specialist, Helen Sherpa from World Education’s Asia division, says: “Trafficking is happening right here in the country and not just to Mumbai or New Delhi of India”.
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India: Supreme Court directs government to provide vocational training to sex workers
Feb 15, 2011 The Supreme Court of India has directed the central and state governments to prepare rehabilitation schemes all over the country for sex workers who are often driven into the profession due to poverty. Along with training, the government machinery is asked to facilitate market for the goods produced by the sex workers to catalyse their empowerment.
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India: Students' radio to empower sex workers
Apr 21, 2011 A community radio station for sex workers in Mumbai has joined hands with the Mumbai University to strengthen their voices in public. The community radio, run by Snehalaya helps raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, education and the rights of the sex workers.
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Nepal: Woman crusades sexual slavery
May 24, 2011 One woman fights the scourge of sexual slavery in Nepal. Poverty, lack of education and a culture that de-prioritises women have created an easy environment for sex- trafficking.
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India: SC orders sex workers' survey for rehabilitation
Jul 20, 2011 The apex court has ordered a survey of sex workers in the metropolitan cities to rehabilitate those who wish to leave the work and live with dignity. A national rehabilitation scheme aims to to prevent trafficking and create conducive conditions for work.
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India: We are citizens too, say sex workers and transgenders
Feb 01, 2014 New vote banks and unconventional aspirants are already changing the dynamics of politics in India, writes Anuradha Dutt.
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Sex workers bear brunt of war on trafficking
Sep 05, 2013 According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 58 percent of human trafficking cases are for sexual exploitation.
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Sex workers are also citizens
Feb 08, 2013 Sex workers usually find themselves at the centre of moral and ethical debates. Often they have been tricked into the profession and are unable to opt out of it because of the stigma they face or the poor livelihood alternatives they have.
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Sexuality of an individual is a very private matter: Priya Dutt
Jul 15, 2016 Congress leader and Sanjay Dutt's sister Priya Dutt feels that sexual minorities and sex workers have an equal right to dignified life. In an interview to Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia, Priya says that segregation of LGBTs is a dangerous trend and they should not feel caged in our society. Excerpts from the interview:
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