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Invest in girls to fight climate change: Ashok Khosla
Nov 27, 2014 Investing for girls’ education and employment can be helpful in curbing carbon emissions, said Ashok Khosla, an expert on environment and sustainable development.
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Ten per cent of largest cos emit 73% of greenhouse gases
Sep 12, 2013 The carbon emitted by the 50 highest emitting companies, has risen by 1.65% to 2.54 billion metric tons over the past four years.
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We need a universal price on every ton of carbon emitted: Jonathon Porritt
Nov 20, 2013 Sir Jonathon Porritt is a prominent environmentalist and writer who is the Founder Director of Forum for the Future and a former Green Party co-chair. In his new book ‘The World We Made’, a future historian from 2050 recounts what steps were taken by today’s world to avert environmental disaster. Sir Porritt along with Martin Wright, Director for Forum for the Future, elaborates on his vision in an interview to OneWorld South Asia.
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New report explains the concept of carbon neutrality
Jan 30, 2013 The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released a report providing a framework for understanding carbon neutrality, which is a major issue for public policy worldwide.
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Profits will rise with low carbon investment: experts
Jul 19, 2013 According to an expert, sustainability and climate change need to be the drivers of competitiveness globally for ensuring a greener future.
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New study links CO2 to Earth temperature
May 01, 2013 The findings prove that if we do not move to arrest growing CO2 levels, the earth is doomed to return to a greenhouse state where no life can survive.
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Indo-China study on low carbon development unveiled
Mar 27, 2014 The study explores new development strategies for promoting international cooperation through South-South knowledge exchange.
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