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Concretisation blamed for high temperatures in Indian city
Aug 06, 2013 It is believed that in the north Indian city of Ghaziabad nearly 90% of rainwater goes down the drain because there is not enough open soil space left to soak in the water.
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Next 30 years to see more frequent heat waves
Aug 26, 2013 More-severe summer heat waves will go from being essentially absent in the present day to covering around 3% of the global land surface, a new study says.
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Ten per cent of largest cos emit 73% of greenhouse gases
Sep 12, 2013 The carbon emitted by the 50 highest emitting companies, has risen by 1.65% to 2.54 billion metric tons over the past four years.
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Sterlite fined Rs 100 cr for polluting environment in India
Apr 02, 2013 The apex court of India has asked the Sterlite Industries, a unit of the London-listed Vedanta Resources, to pay Rs 100 crore as compensation for flouting green norms in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
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BMW vrooms into green gear on Delhi streets
Jun 08, 2015 “The global automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift from the conventional combustion engine to sustainable mobility solutions,” said Sahr, President, BMW India.
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Asia cuts its carbon faster than Europe
Mar 28, 2013 Producing more goods and services while emitting less carbon is the dream of many economists. In the race to see which countries can best manage to do this, Asia is stealing a march on the US and Europe.
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India should not shy away from discussing HFCs: CSE
Oct 29, 2013 HFCs are greenhouse gases, and cause thousand times more global warming than carbon dioxide.
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Greenpeace urges Delhi to ‘Switch on the Sun’
Jul 23, 2013 Harnessing solar energy using rooftops can help Delhi in bridging the ever increasing gap between demand and supply of energy, says a new Greenpeace report.
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