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UN-backed Afghan vaccination drive to reach 8 mn kids
Apr 30, 2013 During a United Nations-backed global campaign to vaccinate children this week, Afghan Government officials are aiming to administer anti-measles and anti-polio vaccines along with additional doses of Vitamin A to about eight million children below five across the country.
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US soldier agrees to plead guilty of killing 16 Afghans
May 30, 2013 Relatives of the victims are outraged at the notion that the culprit Robert Bales might escape the death penalty.
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Afghanistan’s electoral body gets new members
Aug 05, 2013 The UN Mission in Afghanistan has welcomed appointment of members to Independent Election Commission (IEC).
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UN honours sacrifices, celebrates spirit of aid workers
Aug 20, 2014 The research shows that in 2013, 155 aid workers were killed, 171 were seriously wounded and 134 were kidnapped.
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South Asian giants' fillip on LGBT discourse
Jun 29, 2016 The LGBT discourse in Pakistan and India has been reignited, thanks to a decree by a Pakistani religious group and a petition before India's Supreme Court
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Thousands benefit from pistachio farms in Afghanistan
Jan 29, 2010 Afghanistan Conservation Corps is not only playing a pivotal role in preservation of the country’s biodiversity but also trying to improve rural livelihoods and building capacity to manage forests and other vital resources. Restoration of pistachio forests has provided jobs to thousands of people.
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Literacy classes bring hope to Afghan girls, women
Feb 03, 2010 A UNICEF-supported informal learning centre is helping to improve literacy among women and girls in Afghanistan’s remote areas. Incentives and meals are bringing more volunteers and students at the centre to learn and share knowledge without fear.
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Young doctor upholds Afghan women's right
Feb 16, 2010 Dr Anarkali Kaur Honaryar was chosen by Radio Free Europe’s Afghan chapter as person of the year in May 2009. She fights for women’s rights in Afghanistan which is staunchly patriarchal and most part of it ruled by the Taliban since 1990s, where freedom of women has been constrained.
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UN official urges military to protect Afghan children
Feb 26, 2010 UN Secretary General’s special representative for children and armed conflict has asked international troops in Afghanistan to implement directives for protection of children caught in conflict. She expressed particular concern on the issues of sexual violence, reintegration of children in armed groups, and children in detention.
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Mullahs promoting family planning in Afghanistan
Mar 03, 2010 Afghan religious leaders have joined community and health workers to explain the importance of spacing out births as a necessary step for providing both mother and child a chance at good health. They are delivering messages during Friday prayers also distributing stocks when clinics remain closed.
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Afghan child migrants need urgent attention
Mar 04, 2010 The number of Afghan children seeking asylum in Europe has increased significantly last year, according to the UN refugee agency. Initial findings highlight the need for policies to protect these children.
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Afghanistan protects a rare bird species
Mar 05, 2010 One of the world’s least known and rare birds, the large-billed reed warbler has been discovered in the remote Pamir Mountains in northeastern Afghanistan. The National Environment protection Agency, Afghanistan has announced the inclusion of this bird among the 48 protected species list in the country.
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Justice eludes Afghan women
Mar 09, 2010 Women in Afghanistan continue to suffer wide spread discrimination, abuses, domestic violence and an apathetic government. Despite a July 2009 law banning violence against women, incidents of violence continue and their rights are violated with impunity on a regular basis.
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Joblessness driving Afghan youth to extremism
Mar 11, 2010 Authorities have voiced concern about the increasing number of Afghan youth joining Taliban driven by unemployment and poverty. While ideological motivation is one of the reasons, it has become necessary for the government to reduce corruption and create job opportunities for long term growth and social cohesion.
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Women's participation critical to Afghan peace-process
Mar 12, 2010 A panel discussion on Afghan women’s participation in peace building, organised by UN, identified continuing violence and insecurity as main reasons hampering women’s access to essential rights and services. It states that women should form an integral part of any solution for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.
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Power abuse driving poverty in Afghanistan: UN
Apr 01, 2010 In a 26-page report the United Nations has claimed that majority of Afghans are living in poverty inspite of aid that poured into the country in the last eight years. Widespread corruption that limits access to services for a large proportion of the population needs to be tackled urgently.
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Education underground in Afghanistan
Apr 05, 2010 Defying militant’s scores of Afghan women are attending secret schools in Kandahar city. Educators have turned their homes into classrooms in some of the most culturally conservative places providing lessons on Pashto literacy, arithmetic, health and hygiene to girls and women in the Taliban heartland.
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Afghan's amnesty law a 'setback' to humanity
Apr 12, 2010 Rights groups across the world have urged the global community to act against the amnesty law which is said to protect Afghan’s warlords accused of crimes against humanity during the country’s gory civil war in 1992. The groups fear that active insurgents could use the law for future human rights abuses.
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US troops depart Afghanistan's valley of death
Apr 16, 2010 Five years after trying to take control, the US military has finally withdrawn from the Korengal Valley, a controversial battlegrounds in Afghanistan. This is part of the repositioning strategy to draw troops from remote mountain outposts and concentrate them in places with more Afghan population.
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US welcomes India's development efforts in Afghanistan
Apr 20, 2010 Despite Pakistan pushing US to put pressure on India to decrease its presence in Afghanistan, the US has shown support for Indian development efforts in Afghanistan. US ambassador to India Timothy J. Roemer will travel to Afghanistan to show gratitude for Indian efforts.
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Afghan diary: Civilian casualty rising
May 13, 2010 A study by NATO shows that US and NATO forces killed 76% more civilians in war against Taliban in Afghanistan; during January to April 2010. Although US military has emphasised reduced civilian causality as part of its revised strategy, there has been no attempt to shield people against attacks.
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As they sow, so they not reap
May 21, 2010 Ambiguity surrounds farmers of Afghanistan as profits yielded by crops differ remarkably. High investment associated with high-profit fruit and saffron production acts as barrier to crop switching. In effect, millions remain vulnerable and food insecure while humanitarian wheat procurement presents a gleam of hope.
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Afghani children paying off the cost of war
May 27, 2010 Food security in Afghanistan is becoming a huge challenge with rising insecurity, displacement and poor access to health services. These problems are contributing to the malnutrition in hundreds of young children, as their parents are too scared to go out to earn money needed to feed them.
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Women rights could be sacrificed for peace
May 31, 2010 The peace jirga to consider plans to open talks with Taliban leaders could be detrimental to Afghanistan’s women’s future. The skewed representation of men which is being seen as a move to lure Taliban, raises the possibility that the women’s hard earned rights may be compromised.
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Maternal health in Afghanistan needs more than healthcare
Jun 10, 2010 According to the WHO, people living in the Badakhshan province of northeastern Afghanistan are facing hurdles in accessing healthcare facilities due to rugged terrain and lack of roads. Reaching healthcare centers becomes even more difficult during winters, floods and avalanches, which leads to increase in maternal mortality.
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Afghanistan first to use new vaccine against polio
Dec 18, 2009 The use of a new bivalent oral polio vaccine in south, southeast and eastern regions of the country aims to reach polio eradication more quickly. The vaccine, proposed by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, will immunise 2.8 million children.
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Afghanistan's illegal gem trade flourishing
Dec 23, 2009 Afghanistan today is a paradise for illegal excavators and smugglers of precious gems, stones and other antique artifacts. These are being smuggled to European and Asian countries with much ease in the absence of effective government.
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Insecurity lowers Afghan returns
Dec 30, 2009 The number of Afghan refugees trickling home from Iran and Pakistan has plummeted this year. The UN refugee agency has blamed insecurity, limited economic opportunities and political insecurity for the low number of returns.
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More IDPs in Afghanistan than previously thought
Jan 05, 2010 The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan is significantly higher than estimated by the UN Refugee Agency. New figures from all 34 provinces indicate that 82,778 households are currently internally displaced throughout the country.
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2009 worst year for Afghan children
Jan 07, 2010 Armed conflict killed hundreds of children and affected many others in Afghanistan last year. 2009 has been the deadliest year for Afghan children since 2001.
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