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Tata Group signs partnerships for ‘transforming’ Maharashtra

Dec 07, 2017

Tata Trusts, Tata Chemicals and Tata Power among others will be collaborating with multiple departments to introduce new initiatives and programs for holistic development in Maharashtra.

Mumbai: The Government of Maharashtra has collaborated with Tata Trusts, Tata Chemicals and Tata Power to launch multiple initiatives and programs across areas such as healthcare, livestock, skill development, tribal development, water conservation, model village development, water conservation such as Jalyukt Shivar and Gaalyukt Shivar, and medical education; along with research to boost development indicators in the state.

The most important agenda for any developing country is the continued growth in its socio-economic status. Improvement in sectors such as healthcare, education and rural development is not possible without the collaboration and firm commitment of the government and the private sector. Public-Private Partnerships hold great potential for generating outcomes that neither of the two parties would be able to achieve, with ease, independently.

In the healthcare domain, Tata Trusts will work towards improving and developing the model district mental health program in Nagpur, the service delivery under model primary health care in Nagpur and annually providing pediatric craniofacial surgery management services free of cost alongside the INGA Foundation. Furthermore, it will work towards advancing cancer care facilities in Gadchiroli and Nagpur in continuum to existing programmes as well as implementing the model elderly care project in Chandrapur. Tata Trusts will also help bolster livelihoods by rejuvenating the Malgujari Talavs for irrigation purposes- specifically for paddy crops, implementing the Jalyukt Shivar project to support marginal farmers, impacting villages in the Solapur district by rejuvenating the Kasalganaga river, strengthening agricultural productivity by desilting ponds in six blocks of Nashik district and adopting villages in Chandrapur, Yavatmal and Amaravati for the Government’s Village Social Transformation Foundation (VSTF).

Tata Power will be focusing on skill-building and livelihoods of SC/ST youths, upgrading technical education to enhance employability in Palghar district, promoting dairy through business development, knowledge and technology sharing, and augmenting the tribal education ecosystem in Palghar district, as well as model tribal village development in Jawahar block, focusing on the promotion of tribal based livelihoods. Tata Chemical will be launching the holistic nutrition program in Amravati district aimed at improving health outcomes for pregnant women and young children. The University of Chicago - International Innovation Corps and Tata Center for Development will be setting up a program management unit for effective implementation and monitoring of the Gaalmukt Dharan Gaalyukt Shivar to improve water storage capacity and increase agricultural productivity.

Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra, said “Boosting socioeconomic indicators in the state has always been our priority, and we are positive that this partnership with Tata Trusts will yield several beneficial outcomes across healthcare, education, livelihoods and literacy. By continuing our collaboration on several existing initiatives and programmes that exist in the state, we are ensuring our efforts towards improving the quality of life remain consistent so that Maharashtra’s development is holistic and truly transformative.”

Burzis S. Taraporevala- CFO and Company Secretary, Tata Trusts said, “For well over a century, Tata Trusts has been committed to transformative change by generating sustainable opportunities for community development. We are pleased to continue collaborating with the Government of Maharashtra to put in motion this vision across various sectors in the state. With this collaboration, we are certain the initiatives will boost community indicators and promote overall welfare.”

"Dam desilting can help significantly address the issue of drought across Maharashtra while simultaneously boosting farmer income and cutting fertiliser usage. Having demonstrated this with our own resources in Jalna and Beed, we now look forward to supporting NGOs under the Maharashtra Government's bold and ambitious Gaal Yukt Shivar Scheme, with the aim of Desilting a few hundred Dams benefiting Lakhs of farmers in Vidharbha and Marathawada" said Amit Chandra, MD of Bain Capital & Board Member of Tata Sons who along with his wife, Archana, and Nimesh Shah of Caring Friends have signed an MoU to fund Desilting of Dams across the state.

R Mukundan, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Chemicals, said, “Tata Chemicals Limited is honoured to collaborate with the Government of Maharashtra on the major public health issue of undernutrition and malnutrition for the most needy and underprivileged in society. We believe that nutrition is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools for global development and that the present scenario in tribal areas (like Melghat of Amravati district) of India, calls for a holistic view of mother and child health services. Our project “Holistic Nutrition," is a step towards curbing malnutrition, since the fate of individuals, families, nations–and the world–depends on sustainable solutions for healthier generations to come.”

“Tata Power is delighted to be a part of this partnership with the Government of Maharashtra for the socio-economic development of the state, an area where Tata Trusts have already established a strong and significant working relationship. Over the last one hundred years, Tata Power has worked closely with its key communities, building social capital in a sustainable way. This partnership will leverage the synergies between the Government of Maharashtra and Tata Power, thus creating livelihood opportunities through skill development and dairy development, education for tribal girls, and tribal village development,” said Tata Power CEO and MD, Anil Sardana

"The University of Chicago has a long history of collaborating with policy makers and experts in India. On behalf of the International Innovation Corps and the Tata Centre for Development at UChicago, we are honoured to be partnering with the Government of Maharashtra on this very important water management scheme that will impact farmers across the state. We hope this partnership will be mutually beneficial, and a part of a longer relationship with the state.” said Aditi Mody, Executive Director, University of Chicago Trust

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