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Plastic woes keep corporates on toes

Jun 08, 2018

Innovative initiatives are being used by corporates for creating environment friendly image in public.

New Delhi: Various business houses in India have stepped in to initiate environment friendly steps. To observe World Environment Day various initiatives have been launched by various companies to limit the adverse impact on environment according to various geographical challenges and local needs.

Many corporate houses have raised concerns regarding the environmental blues looming over the planet. The sense of urgency to tackle these challenges could be seen through the thoughts expressed by them.

Some of the steps include prohibiting the use of the plastic in the premises of corporates and switching to products which will help save the environment for future generation for example the plastic plates used in consuming food items in their office have been substituted by the use of steel plates.

Ahmed ElSheikh, CEO of Pepsico said:

As a responsible leader in the food and beverage industry, our Performance with Purpose 2025 goal is to design all packaging to be recoverable or recyclable, and support increased recycling of plastic waste.

In line with reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment, we are committed to working with partners to leverage new technologies and developing sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We are happy to announce that PepsiCo will pilot the first-ever 100% compostable, plant-based packaging for Lay's and Kurkure snacks products, this year. We are delighted that India will be among the first countries to pilot this new, sustainable packaging solution developed by PepsiCo. The new packaging is bio-based, made from plant-based material and is 100% compostable. We plan to launch this pilot in Q4 2018.”

V S Shridhar, VP of Tata company said on managing energy through Internet of Things. He says:

Globally, IoT-enabled innovations have the ability to considerably minimise energy consumption and have a positive environmental impact. The Internet of Things (IoT) in the Energy Market (oil & gas, and mining) alone is expected to be worth 22.34 Billion USD by 2020.

Consider, IoT enabled smart meters - these smart meters provide users with accurate, real-time data on their energy or gas use, enabling them to make conscious, informed decisions about their energy usage.

India is facing a waste crisis. Every year, we generate ~62 million tonnes (MT) of solid waste but only ~20 percent of it (11.9 MT) is treated. Along with traditional waste, e-waste has also surmounted in recent times, compounding the issue further.

Globally, IoT-enabled innovations have the power to efficiently track and monitor waste management. IoT can impact the way waste management is tackled through smart waste collection solutions - sensors can enable intelligent monitoring, asset tracking solutions can track waste collection and flow through the city systems – all with an added layer of intelligence which can enable smart data-driven decisions that can make the entire waste management cycle more efficient.

Aditi Balbir, Ceo of V Resorts said:

At V Resorts, we have always taken a strong stance with a blanket no plastic policy across our 150+ resorts. Use of bamboo, wood, mud-based and other earthen alternatives not only helps us contribute towards sustainable tourism but helps boost local economies as well.

We have also tied up with IFC on their EDGE Green Building Certification Program to create a more environmentally viable path to building a more sustainable growth trajectory.”

We, at, conducted a quick study on the plastic usage in the organization and realised that a big chunk of the plastic menace come from cafeteria & during meal times.

We then devised the 5 R Model: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Raise Awareness which has helped us drastically reduce the use of plastic in our office premises. As part of this model, we have formulated simple, easy to use or follow techniques such as

Replacing all plastic plates and cutlery with stainless steel/ reusable ones food waste segregation into wet and dry waste encourage employees to carry their own mugs for tea and coffee.

Deep Karla, Ceo of MakeMy Trip said:

Today the world is suffering from the menace of plastic pollution. It is not just a problem plaguing the sea, but also affecting us by suffocating our environment and the future of humans and animals alike.

Our efforts to partner with World Wide Fund for Nature and join their #GiveUp challenge to raise awareness against single-use plastic, as well as installing plastic crushing machine at DLF Cyber Hub to #beatplasticpollution, reaffirm our commitment to strive towards a greener cleaner, plastic free planet.

MakeMyTrip has given up single-use plastic in the office premises and distributed over 10,000 durable jute bags to all the employees and other NRC companies. In order to further reduce the carbon footprints, MMT has planted over a half of million trees near Udaipur from the Rs. 5/- contribution that travellers make while booking on the platform.

Pushpa Bector, Head of DLF Shopping Mall, said:

Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to all of us at DLF. World Environment Day is a great opportunity to bring out social awareness and ecological consciousness. Environmental preservation is a part of our corporate social responsibility & we take multiple initiatives towards the same.

We encourage everyone to reduce plastic waste and contribute towards the conservation of a better tomorrow by initiating Source Segregation of Waste at DLF Cyber City”

Stephen Knapp, Director of Volkswagen said:

With initiatives like the waterless car wash or even, the simple act of handing out saplings we aim to drive awareness, inspire social change and support our customers in their environmental friendly actions.”

From innovations like a low emission water-based paint technology, a dry-wash to its range of inventive, energy-saving BlueMotion technologies – Volkswagen has committed itself towards growing its green footprint.

These initiatives show the sensitivities of the corporates in ensuring safe and healthy environment which is the need of the hour currently. These should be more encouraged by them.

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