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Read stories of people's hope, courage and despair from urban and rural South Asia.
Article Afghan women journos empower voices against violence
A group of women reporters in Afghanistan have come together to fight everyday harassment of women the landlocked country.
Article The long reach of drug addiction in India
India must make a quick move for addressing the lack of professional addiction treatment centers, writes Dr Tonmoy Sharma.
Article Fighting against child marriage and dowry in Bihar
Government of Bihar in technical collaboration with UNICEF is promoting the value of girls and ensuring access to opportunities.
Article Diabetes makes a person prone to silent heart attacks
A silent heart attack can happen to anyone, but people with diabetes are more predisposed to experience silent heart attacks.
Article The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution
The Smokeless Cookstove project helps saving one million lives by eliminating smoke from households!
Article Breastfeeding to help curb IMR in India
Post-delivery, a mother’s first initiative should be to establish a memorable skin to skin contact, writes Dr Dr Preeti Gangan.
Article Breastfeeding is a form of liquid gold
Breastfeeding is a form of liquid gold which has a great impact in reducing the chances of a mother with gestational diabetes, writes Dr Madhavi Latha.
Article Social aspects of migration transcend economic ones: study
A new research explores the underlying social and cultural aspects of inter-state migration in India.
Article Aluthgama, three years on
Three years later, it is clear that Dharga town has been changed by the violence wrought upon it.
Article Women's colleges foster leadership skills for young women
Women's colleges have excellent counselling centres, writes Adarsh Khandelwal, Co-founder, Collegify, a college consulting firm.
Article Urbanisation growing fast in India, so is extreme poverty
Cities in urban India are being continuously flooded with economically poor people, writes Akanksha Sharma.
Article Can crowdfunding help India’s 70 mn disabled people?
According to estimates based on statistics on an average one person gets disabled every minute in India.
Article Leopard defenders in schools
The aim of the awareness workshop on leopard program is to connect kids with nature and to share some knowledge about the big cat.
Article Shaping the future of smart cities
Every aspect of urban life will be covered at the event, including smart governance, uninterrupted clean power and water supplies, smart environment and efficient solid waste.
Article Breaking the silence can help people with depression
Majority of health experts believe that more than anything else people suffering from depression need to be heard.
Article The business of business is not limited to business alone
The Companies Act 2013 set the CSR ball rolling and made India Inc realize that charity must begin at home, and not just literally. But even as India Inc loosens its purse strings, there seems to be a long way to go.
Article Indian woman, founder of ‘Chaiwalis’, heads for Antartica
Known in the corporate world for her experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Akanksha Sharma is all set for global expedition to Antartica.
Article No justice yet for Muzaffarnagar gang-rape survivors!
Even three years after Muzaffarnagar riots, there is no justice in sight for gang-rape survivors.
Article Indian Budget 2017: Old core, new essence
The 87th edition of the Indian Budget 2017 scores many firsts, writes Naina Gautam, a Delhi based researcher.
Article India in desperate need of a public cord blood bank
More than 28 years after the first successful umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant was done in France, India is still to discover its vast potential, Dr Rahul Bhargava.
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