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MDG5: Improve Maternal Health

MDG5: Improve Maternal Health
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Afghanistan faces highest maternal mortality worldwide

May 04, 2011 11:54 AM Afghanistan has the highest risk of maternal mortality and the lowest female life expectancy in the world, according to the Mothers’ Index compiled by non-profit group Save the Children. Child mortality and malnutrition are also high in the conflict ridden nation.
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Indian court says treat maternal mortality as a human rights violation

Feb 04, 2011 10:55 AM In a landmark ruling, the Delhi High court has ordered the state government to build shelter centres for destitute pregnant and lactating women to curb maternal mortality among poor women. India's maternal mortality continues to be higher than neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and accounts for 25% of the global maternal deaths.
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India: Criminal charges against people seeking accountability for maternal deaths

Jan 11, 2011 03:38 PM District officials in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh used criminal proceedings against peaceful protesters seeking answers for maternal deaths in a public hospital. Human Rights Watch is pushing authorities to drop charges and establish an effective mechanism for the redressal of health services related grievances.
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ASHAs deliver hope for mothers, newborns

Nov 16, 2010 12:04 PM In Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh, northern India, the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) have been prime mover in ensuring healthy mothers and newborns. A new campaign partnered by policy makers, UNICEF India and the indigenous communities has tapped the immense potential of ASHAs and has transformed healthcare for women and infants.
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India: Bengal records highest teen pregnancy cases

Oct 27, 2010 01:08 PM The Union Health Ministry has recorded the maximum number of child marriage and teenage pregnancy cases in the Indian state of Bengal. While poverty and gender bias in education have been identified as the primary causes in rural areas, growing teenage sex and lack of sex education have been blamed for the high figures in cities.
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Pregnancy and childbirth support in Pakistan

Oct 21, 2010 04:06 PM Pregnant women face immense risk during childbirth in the makeshift camps of flood-hit Pakistan. A programme run by the government, in collaboration with UNICEF, provides essential care to women during pregnancy and ensures safe childbirth in these camps.

Health crisis in conflict affected Myanmar

Oct 21, 2010 03:59 PM In eastern Myanmar, which comprises of around half a million IDPs, health conditions of women and children are dire amidst the ongoing conflict, a US based NGO finds out in its survey.
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Afghanistan easy on maternal health despite funding

Sep 30, 2010 01:57 PM A UNICEF study ranks Afghanistan as world’s “worst place to be born” given the state of high maternal, infant and child mortality rates in the country. The performance on this front has been sluggish despite decades of funding by the donors.
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Protecting Women's Right to Life

Sep 21, 2010 05:29 PM Women’s Feature Service gets in conversation with Jill Sheffield, founder-president of Women Deliver; a New York based non-profit organisation working to educate the public on maternal mortality and protecting the women’s right to life.
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India: Maternal mortality plummets, still highest in the world

Sep 17, 2010 12:48 PM A significant decline in Maternal Mortality Rate in India is no reason to rejoice as the country still, witnesses the highest number of women deaths during childbirth. A report by UN agencies says India's average annual decline in maternal mortality is 2.3% against the required 5.5%.
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Singhbhum: Ekjut promises health for women, children

Sep 15, 2010 01:28 PM An NGO which works in the remote tribal areas of Jharkhand, is making a huge difference in the way new and expectant mothers, and their infants are taken care of. The result is a massive decline in maternal and child mortality in these otherwise “inaccessible” areas.
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Audit to gauge maternal mortality in India

Sep 01, 2010 12:47 PM Accurate data on maternal mortality will be made available by an audit conducted by the Union health ministry. The figures will not only review MDG 5 in India but also will prove vital in framing appropriate policies for maternal health.
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'Stories of Mothers Saved' launched in India

Aug 20, 2010 11:11 AM White Ribbon Alliance launched ‘Stories of Mothers Saved’ a multimedia campaign with support of UNFPA in India's national capital yesterday. It showcased powerful and moving tales of woman who survived childbirth due to key action taken by woman and their community.
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Remote Nepali women plead for better reproductive care

Jul 29, 2010 12:39 PM More then 95% of the women living in remote districts of Nepal are forced to give birth at home which often proves fatal for them. Although the government has initiated programmes that pay women to deliver in hospitals, the time taken to travel is backbreaking.
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Bring down maternal mortality, says report

Jun 07, 2010 07:04 PM According to a latest study by UN, the maternal mortality rate in South Asia continues to be the highest in the world, next only to sub-Saharan Africa. Report points out that Indian state Madhya Pradesh witnesses the highest number of maternal deaths in the country and requires immediate attention of the government.
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Birthing centres improve women's lives in rural Nepal

May 28, 2010 02:28 PM The UNICEF supported maternal health programme, in Humla, has led to the establishment of birthing centres and training of several skilled birth attendants and community mobilisers. The initiative has helped to create awareness on critical maternal and newborn health issues and made life better for pregnant women and new mothers.
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Philippines: Midwives to strengthen maternal health

May 26, 2010 07:54 PM Philippines has decided to start a pilot programme in collaboration with UNFPA to train midwives in life-saving skills and to administer crucial drugs in order to reduce maternal deaths.
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"Save the mothers" appeals World Bank report

May 18, 2010 01:47 PM A World Bank report published in February, brought forth concerns surrounding women’s health in Indonesia. The report recognises several factors contributing to maternal deaths and urges the government to take necessary steps to improve maternal health across the country.

India at top on maternal mortality and under 5

May 04, 2010 04:07 PM State of the World’s Mothers Report released by Save the Children has placed India at 73rd on ‘Best place to be a mother’. Highlighting the grave state of under 5 and maternal mortality it recommends increase in investment in training of health workers and improving access to basic health-care services.
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Silent emergency on maternal deaths: Play your part

Apr 12, 2010 04:19 PM 70,000 women die due to pregnancy related causes leaving behind many orphans every year in India, reveals a finding released on Safe Motherhood Day. White Ribbon Alliance in association with Jamia Hamdard organised a human chain encouraging youths and elders to join a movement to stop maternal deaths.
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