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Article Proposed amendments to RTI rules provokes criticism
A draft amendment to RTI rules prepared by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India has invited much criticism from RTI activists. The government claims that the new rules will make implantation of the law more effective but campaigners argue that the new rules undermine the very spirit of RTI Act 2005.
Article "If we address political corruption, we will be able to eliminate corruption in other areas"
Executive Director of Transparency International, India, Anupama Jha talks to OneWorld South Asia about TI’s contribution in checking global corruption. A strong believer in democracy, she shares her views on the rampant corruption in India and explains how citizens can play their part in eradicating the ills of corruption from society.
Article Rio women wish for decent lives
The black women of Rio de Janeiro who were living amidst deep-rooted prejudice and poverty, are now earning a decent living through their cooperative- supported by ELAS Social Investment Fund- sewing and embroidering handbags and clothing. They now train fellow women to support their families and live with dignity.
Article RTI rescues Rajasthan women from hunger, deprivation
In Vijaypura village, marginalised women, especially widows, have used the RTI tool to procure food grains under PDS and are living a healthy life. The movement, instigated by a young RTI activist, boasts of achieving the millennium goal of reducing hunger by half in the region.
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